Minds in Motion: Evaluating Impacts and Guiding Progress

The Minds in Motion Initiative (MIMI) is a community-based project run by Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health, Inc. This initiative has three main goals: to assist mental health consumers in the recovery process by providing access to physical health activities, to raise awareness in the community at large about mental health issues, and to provide a unique walking race experience for athletes and amateurs alike. The study will evaluate the impacts of this project on well-being through the collection and analysis of both numerical and narrative data from key participants in MIMI. The project will be guided by a steering committee composed of consumers of mental health services, their family members, staff members of Waterloo Regional Homes, and members of the community at large. This research aims to contribute both to the development of MIMI and to the literature regarding community-based mental health.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Geoff Nelson


Livia Dittmer


Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health




Life sciences


Wilfrid Laurier University



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