Mine Revegetation in the Yukon

The mining industry is one of the leading sectors of the Yukon economy. Mining companies are committed to restoring the land affected by mining activities to meet closure plan requirements. Revegetation of impacted sites is a challenge all mining companies face in sub-arctic regions because: 1- Lack of knowledge regarding which plants to use for revegetation and how to implement them effectively in the field; 2- Lack of commercially available seeds and seedlings.
Applied research using innovative methods is required to provide answers to the unique challenges facing mines operating in Yukon, one of which, is revegetation at mine sites. The objective of this project is to build a Ph.D project with the University of Alberta, the Yukon Research Centre and a mining company: Goldcorp.
Through this Ph.D project, applied research will be conducted, engaging with Yukon First Nation, to expand and disseminate knowledge regarding mining revegetation in the Yukon.

Faculty Supervisor:

Simon Landhäusser;Liza Piper;Guillaume Nielsen


Krystal Isbister


Goldcorp Kaminak


Resources and environmental management





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