“Minimally invasive mechanical circulatory support scientific data acquisition”

Heart failure is a prevalent disease affecting 250,000 people in North America alone. This disease can be treated by the transplant of a donor organ, but insufficient donor organs have led to the development of mechanical circulatory support which now provide a reliable alternate treatment option for patients. Unfortunately, many patients that could be helped by a mechanical circulatory support are deemed ineligible due to the invasive, open- heart surgery that is required to install such devices. Puzzle Medical Inc. is researching a novel pump design that can deployed non-invasively to increase the availability of mechanical circulatory support to high risk patients. An important consideration for the development of this device is to have a high quality in-vitro and in-vivo study by gathering a lot of data from test benches and animal trial. These data will be gathered and compared to in-vivo (pigs) study in the next 5 months while testing their deployment/retrieval mechanism in a real live body.

Faculty Supervisor:

Javad Dargahi


Saman Namvarrechi


Puzzle Medical Devices


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices


Concordia University



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