Minimization of Switching Power Converter Ripples in RF Power Amplifier Circuits

As the power processing density in new technologies such as 5G and 6G increases, reduction of ripples caused by switching power converter operation becomes a gradually more difficult design problem to solve. Analysis of these ripples and exploring various methods for the ripple reduction in the RF power amplifier circuits are the main topics for this project. Except of developing and evaluation of various HW solutions for the ripple reduction, additional benefits for the partner organization include improving the design process by reusing algorithms developed for i) analysis of ripple voltage in circuits with switching power converters, ii) analysis of currents through electrolytic capacitors, and iii) design of the switching power converters. On the intern’s side, working on the project will create opportunity to gain industrial experience, specifically learning new skills and acquiring knowledge in the power supply area, and also learning the design process from the industry leader.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michel Nakhla;Xiaoyu Wang;Ram Achar


Tohid Rahimi;Ye Tao


Ericsson Canada




Information and cultural industries


Carleton University



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