Minimizing of greenhouse gas emission and leachatein an aerobic landfill treatment process

The project presents an opportunity for a Canadian company (SALT Inc.) to partner with a Canadian university research team to develop cost-effective technology to solve an important environmental and health-related problem, while contributing positively to Canada’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gases. The Wood Buffalo Bioreactor Landfill Project is estimated to reduce 253,134 tonnes of CO2 equivalent by the year 2020. It is probably the largest landfill carbon reduction project in the world and the single largest carbon offset project in Alberta, to date. Through the partnership with Western University, SALT Inc. will have access to the results from the laboratory study to validate the aerobic

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Sohrab Rohani & Ernest Yanful


Hesham Omar, Ali Mohammadalizadeh Alizadeh, Arnold Painstil & Madiha Salman


SALT Canada Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Environmental industry


Western University



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