“Missed Connections: Encouraging social encounter, connection, andengagement through time- and location-sensitive playful interactionand games among users/players of public space.”

In this research project, research on cross-reality urban games that foster social engagement and interaction among city-dwellers with themselves and the urban spaces they inhabit will be furthered. Special attention will be paid to the shared experience of time and memory, as these two interface in Urbanoid’s cross-reality urban game x-ode. The knowledge gained will be applied in the implementation and deployment of x-ode, an urban cross-reality game, in Montreal in the Fall of 2020. Urbanoid Inc. will benefit from the intern’s research skills, expertise, and sensitivities on urban-based socially-engaged interactive art projects—specifically in the form of a Literature Review (including a matrix of pertinent study cases and ‘best practices’) and a Study Case Report which will document the game x-ode’s development and implementation processes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rilla Khaled


Christian Scott Martone Donde


Urbanoïd Inc.




Professional, scientific and technical services


Concordia University



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