Mitigating goose herbivory at Westham Island tidal marsh.

Tidal marshes are essential ecosystems both economically and ecologically. They provide many natural resources, such as filtering pollutants from water and providing flood protection. However, since the 1980s, we have lost about 80% of the world’s wetlands including many tidal marshes. This internship aims to identify the role of goose herbivory on marsh vegetation as well as to identify the best way to mitigate impacts of goose herbivory on marsh vegetation. To accomplish this goal, the intern will be setting up an experiment that tests the effects of using snow fencing versus steel fencing along the substrate as a goose herbivory deterrent. This project is being conducted to better understand whether goose herbivory is contributing to loss of tidal marshes, and to inform management decisions that guide marsh vegetation restoration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Anderson


Esmeralda Martinez Bonilla


Ducks Unlimited Canada





British Columbia Institute of Technology



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