Mitigating the social consequences of COVID-19 in a retirement residence

Part of the foundation of retirement residences is that older adults can benefit from living close to each other and the services they desire. Under social distancing rules, this assumption is challenged. Finlandia Village, like many other organisations needs to study this situation to work out how to adapt marketing, strategy, and new developments. In this project we will have two interns working at Finlandia Village. They will talk with residents about how their connections with friends and family have been affected by COVID-19 and social distancing measures. One intern will focus on finding out how any changes have impacted their sense of wellbeing. The other will focus on helping residents adapt to using videoconferencing and internet hosted games to reconnect. The results will help Finlandia Village work with their residents to improve their wellbeing in this difficult time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruce Oddson


Halana Barbosa;Sarah Colton


Finlandia Village




Health care and social assistance


Laurentian University



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