Mixed Medium Drilling with a Single Bit – Drilling from Whipstock to TD

Oil and gas in tight formations with low porosity and/or permeability are often accessed using horizontal wells. In certain scenarios multiple horizontals are drilled from a single wellbore to create a multilateral well to increase production potential without the need for larger surface facilities. In drilling multilaterals, a retrievable whipstock assembly is used to kick off each additional horizontal. This project seeks to evaluate a new economical whipstock design and develop the tools necessary to design a bit that may both kick off the lateral as well as drill the horizontal to the target length; a process currently requiring multiple bits. This will reduce the time necessary to drill a multilateral well, reduce environmental impacts and improve production potential of wells in Alberta, throughout Canada and around the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roman Shor


Ibrahim Kanj


Modern Wellbore Solutions


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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