Mobile Robotic Platform for Autonomous Data Collection on Large Complex Construction Projects

Autonomous data collection on construction sites has increasing potential to replace manual surveying methods, which are expensive, non-scalable, and potentially dangerous for the workers involved. In the proposed research the intern will work with industry partners Veerum and Clearpath Robotics to advance the technology which is needed to conduct autonomous data collection on large construction projects using mobile vehicles. Expected tasks include the transfer of technology and software tools that Veerum has developed for automatic data collection onto a Clearpath Robotics unmanned ground vehicle, and to further enhance the software modules necessary for autonomous data collection, specifically GPS waypoint navigation. Veerum and Clearpath will benefit from this project by having a globally scalable commercial solution for autonomous data collection on construction sites.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sriram Narasimhan


Stephen Phillips


Clearpath Robotics


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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