Mobility and Protection of Goaltender Upper Body Personal Protective Equipment

Upper body injuries make up 32% of the injuries that ice hockey goaltenders have in a season. These values may be subject to change, as the National Hockey League is investigating rule changes that will decrease the size of the goaltender’s chest and arm equipment. The primary objective of this research is to investigate the mobility and safety of a chest and arm protector that meets the new NHL requirements by comparing goaltender shoulder/elbow mobility and protection against a CCM and a leading competitor’s chest and arm protector. It is expected that the new chest and arm will improve goaltender mobility; however, it will have larger peak contact forces compared to the current chest and arm models. This research is highly relevant to CCM as it will ensure that the equipment adjustments that CCM make, provide adequate goaltender protection and mobility.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michel Ladouceur


Ryan Frayne


Sport Maska Inc


Human physical performance and recreation


Medical devices


Dalhousie University



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