Mobilizing Ulukhaktok Traditional Knowledge of the Dolphin and Union Caribou Herd

The Dolphin and Union caribou herd is integral to Inuit culture, subsistence and identity. Preliminary local and scientific knowledge both indicate that this caribou herd is declining and in poorer health than before. We need to bring everyone together and use everything we know about Dolphin and Union caribou, the environment and the other animals to help protect and care for these animals. This project interweaves the experiential knowledge of many people, and is a collaborative effort between Thorpe Consulting Services, the University of Calgary, the Wildlife Management Advisory Council, Government of the Northwest Territories, and the Olokhaktomiut Hunters and Trappers Committee. Our goal is to analyze, summarize and report on a set of interviews conducted with the community of Ulukhaktok in 2011/12 to make this knowledge for management decisions and to facilitate its return to the community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Kutz


Andrea Hanke


Thorpe Consulting Services


Animal science






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