Model Development and Experimental Investigation of Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Materials for H2 Production and Scale-up Design Considerations.

Hydrogen (H2) is produced from renewable energy using a solar-driven hybrid photoelectrochemical (PEC) reactor. This project aims to develop the theoretical model of a scale-up process for practical applications requiring higher H2 yields. The basis for the scaleup
system design is an experimental reactor comprising PEC and chloralkali electrolysis processes that has been designed, built, and is presently being tested in the Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL) at UOIT under the supervision of Dr. Ibrahim Dincer. The Mitacs Globalink research project at Marmara University will take place in the laboratory of host supervisor, Dr. Atif Koca, where we will theoretically and experimentally investigate the performance of various photoactive materials with respect to solar utilization and H2 yield. Through this study, we will identify potential photoactive materials to integrate with the current reactor design at UOIT, and develop theoretical models to assess performance of a scale-up solar-H2 production process based on experimental results.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ibrahim Dincer


Janette Hogerwaard






Ontario Tech University



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