Model Development for Manitoba Hydro Regulating Reserve Management

The main objective of this research is to calculate Control performance standards in an interconnected power system without running the time domain simulation. Using a faster approach which requires probability distribution of load change. PSCAD and PSSE simulation tools will be used to carry out the research. System identification technique will be used to estimate necessary transfer function models. These transfer function models will be used to generate data for the calculation purpose. These models are expected to accurately evaluate the impact of external generation especially wind power generation to Manitoba Hydro system frequency performance. This research and development associated with it will benefit the partner organization in different ways. The project would help Manitoba Hydro to be able to meet the related existing and future NERC/MRO standards in the most efficient manner. Meeting these standards would provide exceptional value to Manitoba Hydro’s customers. It will help Manitoba Hydro to enhance its frequency control responsibilities with the interconnections while maintaining cost effective regulating reserve. This could enable Manitoba Hydro to increase its profit from expanded export market sales.

Faculty Supervisor:

Udaya Annakkage


Zubaer Bin Zahid


Manitoba Hydro


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Manitoba



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