Model for implementing and continuously improving the automated change management process for construction mega projects

Current communication means such as; Spreadsheet, the internet and Emails are not good enough when a change happens in a Billion $ oil and gas project where hundreds of technicians, engineers, managers, contractors from various disciplines in different locations are involved. The solution is an automated workflow process. Simply put, workflow is the step-by-step procedure taken to complete a job. An automated workflow is the one in which unnecessary time consuming human tasks is eliminated or changed as an automated machine-based task. This research aims to compare the old processes used for managing changes in construction mega projects with the automated process and also offer a model for the continuous improvement of the change management automated process

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Carl Thomas Haas


Shahin Karimidorabati


CoreWorx Inc.


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Waterloo



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