Modeling a Wireless Network Emulator

As mobile users are becoming more demanding and mobile devices are becoming more advanced, end to‐end Quality of Service (QoS) and improvement of user experience becomes an important issue. Traffic management plays a major role in mobility management. Previously proposed solutions for mobility management generally do not address the variability of the wireless link which leads to less optimized and less efficient use of network resources. It is therefore important to develop differentiated service delivery and traffic management for wireless networks in order to profitably drive mass service adoption. Mobidia’s solution (.Wave) enhances network capacity, improves user experience, adds more intelligence in the network and offers traffic management solutions. In this MITACS ACCEELRATE project the research team develops a UMTS network model, a Third Generation (3G) wireless protocol, for the purpose of emulating a wireless network environment to evaluate the end‐to‐end user experience and performance of Mobidia’s .Wave solution. The proposed network emulator model mimics the uplink and downlink bandwidth variations and delay and parameters suitable for testing the .Wave in a real wireless network environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Victor Leung


Peyman TalebiFard


Mobidia Inc.




Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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