Modeling Aerosol Dispersion in Dental Offices

The Ontario Dental Association requires the time of three hours between two clients in a dental office to prevent the transmission of COVID-19; however, this strict guideline poses a great challenge to the economics of dental business and the recovery of Ontario economy. The results of this study will help understand the COVID-19 transmission in dental offices and help develop technologies for the proper control of aerosols and splatters generated during the dental procedures. Dispersion and removal of aerosols generated from a specific dental operation will be modelled to understand how aerosol disperses and transports in the facility. The partner organization provides consultancy and professional training in filtration and separation technologies, clean air technologies. The proposed CFD modeling work will provide relevant guidance on product development for occupational health protection during pandemics, and help the company sustain its technical consulting services to dental office industry, in and out of Ontario.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fue-Sang Lien


Maryam Razavi


Canapril Solutions Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




University of Waterloo



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