Modeling and predicting the thermophysiological comfort of clothing using an advanced multi-sector sweating torso

Thermophysiological comfort corresponds to the satisfaction of a person with their immediate thermal environment. It is largely influenced by the heat and moisture transport properties of the clothing. Thermophysiological comfort affects people’s well-being and performance: it is a critical aspect in the design of technical athletic garments. This project aims at developing the tools and protocols that will enable a new multi-sector sweating torso to better predict clothing thermophysiological comfort. This includes the determination of its ability to discriminate between different clothing comfort levels, wear trial protocols relevant to the conditions experienced by people exercising; an improved modelling of clothing thermophysiological comfort; and a library of fabric properties and their correlation with thermophysiological comfort.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patricia Dolez;Ri Sunny Li;Philip Ainslie;Kevin Golovin;Abbas Sadeghzadeh Milani;Apurva Narayan


Mojtaba Zabihi;Akash Sengupta;Md Rashedul Islam;Farzan Gholamreza


Lululemon Athletica







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