Modeling Ekona’s H2 production and carbon capture process

Ekona Power Inc is developing a technology to convert natural gas into H2, electricity and a pure CO2 stream. The CO2 stream will them be removed using underground carbon sequestration. Their approach uses two processes. The first uses pyrolysis to convert natural gas to hydrogen and solid carbon. The second uses a fuel cell to convert the solid carbon to a pure CO2 stream. This proposal concerns the first process.
Ekona is currently finalizing the design of pyrolysis unit and preparing for the pilot scale testing. However Ekona doesn’t have expertise in the detailed chemical kinetic modeling the pyrolysis of natural gas which includes the formation of solid carbon particles. The Thomson Lab at the University of Toronto has over a decade of experience in developing and validating models of hydrocarbon pyrolysis and carbon particle formation. The proposed modeling approach will allow Ekona to better understand its pyrolysis design and anticipate the performance of the prototype unit.

Faculty Supervisor:

Murray Thomson


Spencer Kelly


Ekona Power


Engineering - mechanical



University of Toronto



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