Modeling Microwave Heating of Food

Small food pieces, typically less than one centimeter, have different properties when absorbing microwave energy. This affects the design of antennas used to heat the food. The project will measure dielectric properties of different food types and sizes and then do computer modeling to determine the optimum design of antennas which will deliver the microwaves to the food. The rate of heating and the temperature distribution throughout the piece of food will be determined. With larger pieces, the food conducts the heat throughout averaging out the hot and cold temperatures. The challenge is to achieve even heating in a group of pieces. The research will investigate limiting the amount of energy applied at any location as well as moving of the pieces such that an average temperature is achieved in small pieces without overheating. The project will enable energy efficiencies for NuWave by optimizing the absorption of the microwaves.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rodney Vaughan


Maryam Razmhosseini


NuWave Research Inc.






Simon Fraser University



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