Modeling of the Wear Performance of Carbide-Based Overlays and Coatings

Surface degradation during Oil & Gas and Mining operations in the Province of Alberta are pervasive. This has resulted in extensive research and development activities into the development of advanced surface modifications that are based on overlays and coatings. Most research effort has focused on materials selection, fabrication, and optimization of wear performance of those modifications through experimentation, trial-and-error, and microstructural analysis. This proposed research project has been designed with a view to developing advanced modelling solutions that will result in a priori prediction of wear and erosion behavior of select overlay and coating systems. By developing such solutions in collaboration with the partner organization, InnoTech Alberta, the applicants expect that the partner organization will be able to select and test the performance of appropriate overlay and coatings materials without incurring significant costs and will be able to deploy suitable overlay and coating solutions efficiently into the stream of commerce.

Faculty Supervisor:

André McDonald


Amirhossein Mahdavi


InnoTech Alberta Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing


University of Alberta



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