Modeling of wall-pressure fluctuations induced by pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer

The wall-pressure fluctuations induced by turbulent boundary layers (TBL) can be an important source of noise and vibration in different applications. These fluctuations yield the trailing-edge noise, dominant source of wind turbine or marine propeller noise, and others. A correct modeling of the generated wall-pressure fluctuations is the first issue in analyzing this phenomenon. The project applicant and its supervising professor have largely studied TBL noise, publishing innovative solutions for certain flow conditions. The use of empirical model fit to
experimental data or based on analytical solutions are considered the best tool to estimate the turbulent noise, which allows handling the problem easily making it industrially viable. This project intends to improve and extend the existing approaches by combining the expertise of the applicant and the supervisor in collaboration with Mecanum. Furthermore, the novel model will be applied to investigate the design of acoustic liners for Urban Air Vehicles.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stéphane Moreau


Anna Caiazzo


Mecanum Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




Université de Sherbrooke



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