Modeling the Ekona’s natural gas pyrolysis pulse reactor for the coproduction of blue hydrogen and carbon nanoparticles

A carbon growth model will be incorporated into Ekona’s reactor and process model and validated against experimental results. The resulting simulation model will be used to inform future reactor designs, specify balance of plant components, and optimize performance. The model will be capable of describing methane pyrolysis, estimating H2 production yield, and predicting the amount of produced carbon. Ekona will be using this model for creating a new solution to producing industrial-scale hydrogen that is both low-cost and clean by converting natural gas into hydrogen, clean power, and pure CO2 that can be easily stored or used resulting in minimized CO2 emission. Reduced CO2 emission is a strong move to eliminate the environmental impacts imposed by GHG emissions and achieve Canada’s goal of accomplishing net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Faculty Supervisor:

Murray Thomson


Ali Naseri


Ekona Power


Engineering - mechanical



University of Toronto


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