Modeling the Scattering of THz radiation off of Wood

The intern will be doing research in the field of terahertz radiation, specifically, the potential applications it has as a commercially viable tool in the wood products industry. Jonathan will be focusing on the potential of THz radiation in the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) production process. The OSB process is currently in need of a technology system capable of determining the critical parameters (moisture content, density and fibre orientation) of OSB in order to improve their efficiency. Current X-Ray technology is expensive, hazardous and comparatively slow speeds. Terahertz technology provides a safer alternative that has the potential to ascertain the moisture and density of OSB at industrial speeds, as well as monitor the expected strength of the OSB.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Matt Reid


Jonathan Schneider


Del-Tech Inc.


Physics / Astronomy


Construction and infrastructure


University of Northern British Columbia



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