Modeling water temperatures in the Fraser River watershed network

Rising river temperatures, partly driven by land-use and climate warming, threaten the future of Fraser River salmon. It is vital that fisheries managers acquire tools that will aid their understanding of how rising river temperatures will impact salmon in the Fraser River. With my industry partner, I will build a novel mathematical temperature model for the Fraser River. My model will incorporate existing water temperature data, land-use, and the direction of flow to predict water temperatures. I will map Fraser River temperatures and identify regions of the watershed that discharge hot water at times that coincide with the return of Fraser River sockeye salmon. This model can be modified for comparisons to other temperature models and future questions regarding land-use change, and climate warming. This study will produce a powerful tool and valuable information for my industry partner that will facilitate management of Fraser River fisheries and collaboration with government and academic institutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jonathan Moore


Michael Beakes


InStream Fisheries Research Inc.




Fisheries and wildlife


Simon Fraser University



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