Modelling and Experimental Validation of the Interaction of Multiple Mercury Arc Lamps in Ultraviolet (UV) Reactors

Trojan Technologies uses ultraviolet (UV) lamps in reactors to purify water. When multiple lamps in a reactor are active at once, light emitted by the various lamps can interact with neighbouring lamps, creating effects that are not well taken into account in current industrial lamp models. The goal of this project is to develop a more accurate model, which accounts for these phenomena, to better predict the distribution of UV light inside a reactor. To do this, we have developed a numerical model of the photon-plasma interactions, which agrees well with work found in the literature. We plan to further validate our model by performing several optical experiments with UV lamps, and subsequently modify the model if the outcome of these experiments requires. Once the model has been validated satisfactorily, we plan to incorporate it into Trojan’s current modelling software.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carol Jones


Isabelle Cyr


Trojan Technologies


Physics / Astronomy


Natural resources




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