Modelling and Simulation of District Energy Networks

District energy systems are specialized and sophisticated energy solutions that require detailed design and analysis. Their integration with existing utility infrastructure strengthens the resiliency and reliability of the energy services as it enables cities to achieve their energy savings targets and greenhouse gas emission targets. This research will investigate and model the use of distributed energy resources like combined cooling heat and power generators, heat pumps, thermal storage units, thermal and PV solar and waste heat to determine optimal system operation. Seven district energy systems will be developed to model business as usual, cooling only, heating only, as well as combined heating and cooling scenarios. Systems will be comprehensively analyzed used primary thermodynamic principles of mass, energy, entropy and exergy analyses. Environmental impact assessment along with techno economic evaluation will also be conducted. Overall, the primary objective of this research is to model and analyze distinct district energy systems for various applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ibrahim Dincer


Azzam Abu-Rayash;Ali Ismael


Cascara Energy






Ontario Tech University



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