Modelling of Compaction Profiles and Slurry Sliding Velocities Inside High Density Thickeners

Investigation of the influence of floor angle on sliding velocities of slurry, containing finely ground solids and water, in a submerged environment, by identifying variables that influence “Dynamic Sliding Fluidity”, “Bed Compaction Rates”, and “Natural Slump Angles” for high yield stress, paste like slurries. These variables can be used to model slurry movement within, and out of, a sedimentation thickener, with the aim that stakeholders can better define thickener geometry, floor slopes, rake blade configuration for a High-density thickener and therefore the product it delivers to the tailings storage facilities. This model is to be made available to stakeholders on a commercial basis, so that risks associated with High Density Thickener design and selection are more clearly defined and capital expenditure risk is reduced.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sanja Miskovic


Guilherme Lindner


MinTecProcess Consulting & Management Ltd




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia



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