Modelling pollutant removal processes for an underground detention chamber system

This project will determine if underground detention systems provide an equivalent level of service for stormwater treatment as stormwater management ponds. This will be achieved through water quality measurements collected from a StormTrap system and through the development of a pollutant-transfer model. The intern will work with both the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and Con Cast Pipe. Since the technology is relatively new, if it can be shown that the StormTrap system provides the same benefits as or exceeds the standards provided by stormwater management ponds then it is more likely to be the chosen solution ultimately leading to more manufacturing of pre-cast concrete products in Ontario. Municipalities benefit from this project by potentially having an alternative to stormwater management ponds.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jennifer Drake


Nicholas McIntosh


Toronto Regional Conservation Authority


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Toronto



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