Modelling, simulation, field evaluation and feasibility study of gas heat pumps (GHPs) in cold climate–Canada

Despite the abundance of natural gas resources and relatively lower price of gas per unit energy compared to electricity gas-fired heat pumps (GHPs) have not been widely used in Canada. This project will study the feasibility of two types of (GHPs), i.e., gas engine-driven heat pump (GEHP) and gas-fired absorption heat pump (GAHP) for buildings located in Canada. The project will include making theoretical models for prediction of performance and energy savings, which would be verified by comparison with actual performance data. Also economic analysis will be conducted to determine the feasibi lity of installing GHPs. Furthennore, optimal schedule for periodic inspection and maintenance to minimizing downtime and associated costs. Also, the methodology applied for this study and the results obtained would be used to create Excel based software tools which would provide convenient means of analyzing different types of GHPs for different building types and weather conditions in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alan Fung


Altamash Baig


Union Gas Limited


Engineering - mechanical


Oil and gas


Ryerson University



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