Modelling spatial variability of rock mass structural heterogeneity for pit slope stability analysis using a large-scale discrete fracture network (DFN) model

Improving the design and operation of open pit mines by better understanding and modeling of spatial variation of rock mass properties, can bring economic benefits to the mining industry. The proposed research project aims to develop an innovative large-scale discrete fracture network (DFN) model that is spatially constrained based on the recorded fracture data from geotechnical boreholes and photogrammetric mapping of bench face exposures in an open pit mine in Western Africa. The model allows 3D description of the natural fracture geometries and their spatial variation in different areas of the pit. The developed DFN model will be used for kinematic slope stability analysis of the pit slopes in bench and inter-ramp scales. The modeling results will be compared with the pit wall monitoring d

Faculty Supervisor:

Kamran Esmaeili


Yilin Zhao


Kinross Gold


Resources and environmental management


Mining and quarrying


University of Toronto



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