Modelling the current and future (2025) state of travel demand in the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor

The economic productivity and social quality of life within the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) in general and the Toronto – Waterloo Innovation Corridor in particular depends on a high-quality transportation network that provides cost-effective, attractive mobility to the regions residents and businesses. Expansion of the GGH road and transit networks, however, has not kept up with the region’s rapid and sustained growth over the past several decades. While major new transportation infrastructure investment is needed to fill this gap, such projects typically take decades and billions of dollars to complete. This project involves a comprehensive investigation of short-run improvements that can be made to the region’s transportation services (particularly its surface transit network) that will significantly improve the system’s performance over the next few years while longer-term major expansions to the system are being planned and built.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric J Miller


Ahmadreza Faghih Imani;Ka Cheung Kevin Wong


Toronto Region Board of Trade


Engineering - civil



University of Toronto



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