Modelling the Wave Climate of Vancouver Island Using Multi-Directional Wave Buoy Data

SyncWave Energy Inc (SEI) is a domestic developer of wave energy conversion technology. In 2008, SyncWave aims to deliver small commercial SyncWave Power Resonators (SPR) for generating electricity in isolated communities and off-shore installations. SEI is collaborating with University of Victoria researchers to deploy a TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave Buoy to obtain a wave spectra representative of the deployment location. The field data will then be used to determine which of the various theoretical wave spectra are most appropriate for the Vancouver Island wave climate. The spectral data produced by the intern will be a vital input for the numerical simulations of a larger ocean going SPR that is currently being completed. These simulations will illustrate how the SPR responds in the real ocean environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Bradley Buckham, Peter Wild and Andrew Rowe


Justin Blanchfield


SyncWave Energy Inc.




Alternative energy


University of Victoria



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