Modelling transient flow in a hydropower station

Modelling the movement of water through a hydropower station is an important tool for understanding this very complex behaviour, where water is pushed and pulled through long tunnels and spinning turbines, resulting in a vast range of pressures and speeds. There are generally two types of models: 1-dimensional (1D) models, which are simple and cost-effective, but do not provide adequate detail for the more complex features in the power station. The second type is 3-dimensional (3D) models, which are very detailed but cost both time and money. The proposed research plans to use the strengths of these two types of models by applying them where they would be most beneficial, for instance 1D models are best suited for simple parts of the station such as long pipes. The final product will hopefully inform better decisions around the operation and management of these valuable public assets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bryan Karney


Sharon Mandair




Engineering - civil




University of Toronto



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