Modification of Sludge Based Activated Carbon for nutrient removal in stormwater runoff through rain garden growing medium

Pollutants in stormwater runoff and municipal wastewater are grave concerns to the receiving environment of lakes and streams, as nutrients (Phosphorus (P), Nitrogen (N)) contribute to eutrophication. While rain gardens are effective to retain and retard stormwater runoff and removal of certain organic pollutants, limited studies have been conducted on nutrient capture.
This research focuses on waste-to-resource for nutrient removal from aqueous environments. While other sorbents are available, activated carbon produced from sewage sludge (sludge-based activated carbon (SBAC)) has the potential to be a more sustainable option as the negative environmental impact from its disposal process will be eliminated. In this proposed work, the chemical activation condition of production of SBAC will be optimized from previous research, including the selection of chemicals and chemical concentration. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Loretta Li


Dijia Wu


Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry




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