Modular and Affordable: Exploring the Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned in Using Modular Housing for Affordable Housing Projects


In January 2009, the federal government of Canada proposed to invest $400 million nationally over two years as a one‐time economic stimulus measure to address the issue of affordable housing. In certain situations multi‐storey wood frame housing forms may be used where land value requires a higher density to achieve an economically viable project and community planning objectives; however, new single storey modular housing construction will be used wherever possible, dependent on specific community needs, conditions, partnerships and resources. This study will examine the use of modular housing to address affordable housing needs in British Columbia to inform policy in BC and so that other jurisdictions may learn from the BC experience. It will do so by interviewing key informants who worked in the planning and production phases of the project to understand the strengths and weaknesses different stakeholder groups perceive in using modular housing for large scale affordable housing projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Penny Gurstein


Kasel Yamashita






Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia



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