Moisture accumulation in a cavity-insulated thick-wall assembly with an exterior air barrier system as a result of natural convection in cold climates

The intent of the proposed research project is to measure the performance of a highly-insulated wall assembly system when an exterior air barrier system is used and air movement within and across the wall occurs. In cold climates, the movement of warm, moist air within and across an exterior wall may result in moisture accumulating on some of the surfaces within the wall if the conditions allow, causing long-term damage if it does not dry out. The proposed research will study the amount of moisture that accumulates within a high-performance wall under specific parameters to provide valuable information to the building industry and improve the long-term performance of energy efficient buildings. RDH Building Science is an important partner in this project and will help in the dissemination of the results of this study, contributing to the success of the success and continued growth of the provincial and national building industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Guido Wimmers


Alison Conroy


RDH Building Science Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Northern British Columbia



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