Molecular modeling module of the pharmaceutical platform technology

Pharmaceutical platform technology (PPT) was invented by Sinoveda Inc., the partner organization, to accomplish the tasks of identification, purification, and activity determination for the active ingredients of natural herbal remedies, with the goal of developing and optimizing the remedies. However, two issues remain to be tackled in the PPT process: first, there is as yet no systematic approach to take advantage of the properties of the ingredients of herbs; and second, there is a lack of appropriate methods to consistently understand their effects. During this internship the applicant will tackle both of these issues by developing a computer software method using an information-driven approach. The method will be tested initially by studying a well-known herb: red clover, which has been used to treat menopausal symptoms. The resulting method will improve the current PPT process and will allow Sinoveda Inc. to conduct more efficient, economical and consistent identification of the active ingredients of natural herbal remedies in the preliminary stage of product development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jack Tuszynski


Ishwar Hosamani


SinoVeda Canada Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Alberta



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