Monitoring and Characterizing Driver Behaviour Among Ski Resort Fleet

This research intends to acquire a better understanding of driver behaviour, fuel consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the operation of ski resort fleet. Twenty‐six light and medium duty vehicles at ski resorts will be equipped with an onboard logging device that records electronic engine data (i.e.: idle time, distance travelled, highest speed, fuel efficiency, fuel cost, hard braking and acceleration thresholds) over an 8 month period. Using the data, the intern will evaluate the short‐term impact of an ecodriver training course by comparing driving behaviour before and after the course. The intern will also evaluate the influence of invehicle audible driver feedback on driving behaviour when activated on select vehicles after the course. This research project will help the Ontario Snow Resorts Association members quantify and pursue opportunities to reduce their fuel consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with operating light and medium duty vehicles within their fleet.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jean Audrey


Michelle Rutty


Ontario Snow Resorts Association


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Sports and recreation


University of Waterloo



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