Monitoring and Suppression of Smallmouth Bass in Cultus Lake, BC

The goal of the project is to mitigate the impacts to valuable salmonids from invasive smallmouth bass (SMB) in Cultus Lake through suppression and monitoring. The project will benefit both the sport fishing industry and endangered species, by suppressing predation from SMB and controlling further imbalances in predator-prey relationships. We will use methods such as nest destruction, gut content analysis, and acoustic telemetry to learn about the fish’s ecology and the most effective way to suppress the population. The partner organization (Pacific Salmon Foundation) aims to support conservation, restoration, and enhancement of Pacific salmon and their ecosystems, so by helping suppress the bass population, they will be directly addressing goals in their strategic plan.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Heise


Wendy Margetts


Pacific Salmon Foundation


Resources and environmental management



Thompson Rivers University



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