Monitoring the Health of Vancouver’s Waterfront Over Time Using Indicators of Sustainability

Georgia Strait Alliance is seeking to undertake the creation of a framework and baseline analysis of indicators that reflect the current health and resilience of City of Vancouver’s waterfront over a broad cross-section of themes in order to further the objectives of their Waterfront Initiative (WI) project. Urban waterfronts globally are complex with multiple governing authorities, overlapping jurisdictions, and varying interests, all of which lead to a high degree of land-use conflict. The City of Vancouver having drastically increasing land values is also increasingly vulnerable to conflicts in this respect. Since 2013, the WI has been working to increase cross sector communication and guide a process to create a collaborative vision for the waterfront and achieve that vision alongside relevant organizations through targeted actions. To date, a series of cross-sector dialogues have revealed the desire and need for an assessment of the state of Vancouver’s waterfront across specific theme areas in order to determine and prioritize where action is most necessary. This need will be met through the creation of a State of the Waterfront process and framework, which will serve to measure progress in protecting and improving Vancouver’s waterfront health in areas of greatest need and impact.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Hall


Jeremy Arbuthnot


Georgia Strait Alliance




Environmental industry


Simon Fraser University



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