Monitoring the sustainability of agricultural system for Ontario’s Greenbelt

This project aims at developing information and knowledge that will promote public and policy support for the long-term sustainability of the agricultural system surrounding the greenbelt. Based on a preliminary research led by the Friends of Greenbelt Foundation, this research will develop a monitoring framework for the viability and protection of the agricultural system in the greenbelt and assess the trends of agricultural viability and protection in Greenbelt during the past 15 years. It also looks into the urbanization trend and farmland loss approaching the greenbelt and aims at investigating its impact on the sustainability of the greenbelt. This project will be of interest to the policy makers, municipal leader and communities who are interested in the sustainable development of the greenbelt and the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This research project will directly benefit the greenbelt foundation’s future work by creating a framework which could guide through the further monitoring projects, and provide an in-depth review on the status of the greenbelt during the past 15 years.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wayne Caldwell


Xiaoyuan Wan


Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)


University of Guelph



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