Monitoring, Tracking, and Reporting of Sustainability Impacts

Quantifying Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability Impacts of organizations and initiatives is challenging, particularly for the environmental and social legs. Enviro-Stewards recently introduced a shared savings based project approach in addition to its conventional (lump sum) based service approach. Quantification of impacts is particularly relevant to the shared savings approach wherein, Enviro-Stewards’ compensation is based on net savings realized by our customers and tracking of associated impacts provides our customers with 3rd party data for their own sustainability metrics.
The scope of this research is to establish criteria for measuring sustainability impacts of our conventional projects, shared savings projects and safe water projects, quantifying impacts to date (based on historical records) and establishing a system to facilitate monitoring tracking and reporting of such metrics going forward. The audiences would be our customers, their customers, the general public as well as certifying and other organizations interested in sustainability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephan Vachon


Smriti Singh


Enviro-Stewards Inc


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Western University



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