Monodisperse PhytoSpherix Nanoparticles Modified for Key Applications in Personal Care, Food and Nutraceuticals – Year two

Our previous work has shown the promise of monodisperse phytoglycogen for many applications. However, these experiments only scratch the surface of potential uses since the chemistry of the particles (as extracted) is fixed. Nanoparticles offer very high surface areas, and glucose units are easily modifiable, thus there exist a multitude of ways to chemically modify the surface to produce a wide variety of new material properties. We will characterize key properties of chemically modified PhytoSpherix nanoparticles that show exceptional promise for use in personal care, and food and nutraceutical applications. Specifically, these data will evaluate the technical advantages of the modified particles over competing technologies, while providing the additional benefit of an inherently safe profile. We will combine in-house experiments with large-scale facility measurements to determine a comprehensive range of key properties: degree of substitution and uniformity of the surface modified layer, particle size and radial density profile, hydration, viscosity, charge and stability of formulations. These studies will result in new products, ranging from sports recovery formulations to transdermal delivery of cosmeceuticals to antimicrobial agents for food packaging.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Dutcher


Michael Grossutti




Physics / Astronomy






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