Morphodynamic model development to better integrate the impact of riparian vegetation on bank erosion

Morphodynamic models are increasingly used in watershed management to predict the evolution of river channels and to test management scenarios prior to their implementation. The impact of plants in riparian zones is particularly critical to better document, but the current models rarely integrate this component. This project will use a bank erosion module and a vegetation module, recently developed during the intern’s PhD research to address some of the weaknesses of existing morphodynamic models, to develop knowledge on the effects of riparian plants on bank erosion. This project also seeks to examine the current modelling process at JFSA, detect opportunities for improvements, and suggest guidelines that will contribute to a more efficient modelling process. This will help JFSA improve their river restoration approach using predictive tools which integrate complex interactions between vegetation and river dynamics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pascale Biron


Yannick Rousseau



Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Concordia University



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