Mortality rate modeling: applications to the pricing of longevity-linked financial derivative instruments and a study of the effectiveness of these hedging instruments in a pension risk management str

We are all well aware of the spectacular improvement in life-expectancy around the world since the 1990’s. While most people would agree that living longer is a good thing, it nonetheless increases the risk of having people outlive their assets so that they become forced to accept lower standards of living in old age. People with a defined benefit pension plan or people with a life annuity contract have transferred their individual “longevity risk” to their Pension Fund or to an Insurance Company. These organizations could in turn hedge their systemic longevity risk with financial instruments linked to the mortality of the population. We study the performance of two of these instruments as risk hedges for Canadian pension funds.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alain Belanger


Frédéric Fontaine, Fatima Boutaggount


Addenda Capital




Finance, insurance and business


Université de Sherbrooke



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