Moving Beyond BMI: Cardiovascular fitness as biological marker of reproductive health

The Healthcare Foundation plays an active role in improving patient experiences across Newfoundland and Labrador. The significant findings from research funded by the Healthcare Foundation helps improve the way we diagnose and treat our population. After a grant is received a board member from the foundation is updated on the findings of the research, who then examines how the results will improve healthcare practices in the province. If our study yields significant results, offline resources may become available to the patient population, which can be accessed without seeing a physician. The survey will also provide information on the patient demographics to help inform future research of Infertility in our province.
Our original study entailed a comparison between obese-fit fertile women and obese-lean fertile women that we will use to determine the effects of cardiovascular fitness on biomarkers of fertility. We will work with the Healthcare Foundation to apply our findings to incorporate a new element into the standard care procedures at Eastern Health. Additional resources will be highly beneficial for fertility patients while enduring the long waitlists to help improve treatment outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sean Murphy


Tiffany Gale


Health Care Foundation




Other services (except public administration)


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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