Moving evidence into practice: using knowledge transfer to improve the care of individuals with lymphedema

The purpose of this partnership between the University of Alberta and the Canadian Lymphedema Framework (CLF) is to support the CLF’s mission to promote best practices in risk reduction, early diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a swelling that occurs in a limb or body region as a result of damage to the lymphatic system. Currently, it is estimated that over 1 million Canadians suffer from lymphedema, with a significant proportion developing the disease secondary to cancer and/or cancer treatment. With support from the University of Alberta, a qualified expert postdoctoral fellow will provide the CLF with the needed expertise in research to facilitate the development of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Lymphedema and an evidence-based learning series for healthcare professionals in both official languages. As the CLF is in a time of leadership transition, this partnership will allow the organization to explore its future leadership needs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Margaret McNeely


Naomi Dolgoy


Canadian Lymphedema Framework


Physics / Astronomy


Health care and social assistance


University of Alberta



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