Multi-Axis Experimental Assessment of Prototype suspension for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Different types of the interconnected suspension systems have been suggested, designed and demonstrated. Although the ample work has been done in the area of interconnected suspension, the work for overcoming or satisfying practical limitations and commercialization of the suspension considering all the space and size constraints is not sufficient. The proposed research work involves In-Lab testing and validation of the prototype of the new type of the suspension design suggested for the heavy vehicles with possibility of different types of interconnections and the flow control technologies. The extensive testing with required sensors and parameters will be done. The final aim is to make the evaluation of suspension parameters and the validation with the characterization of the prototype. The all activities listed are very essential and will help in progressing the dissertation research work in the required direction. Also the testing exposure will help in understanding of the parameters and better tuning in future work. Starting from the mid of September 2016, it is expected to finish all the listed activities in 3 month period of time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Subhash Rakheja


Niranjan Mehendale



Engineering - mechanical



Concordia University


Globalink Research Award

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