Multi-channel Fluidic Cartridges for Parallel Nanopore Sensing

Solid-state nanopores are tiny holes in thin membranes comparable to the size of individual biomolecules like protein or DNA. They are using as sensors to detect these molecules one at a time, and have the potential to revolutionize DNA sequencing, personalized medicine, point-of-care diagnostics, and next-generation information storage methods, but have not been able to so far due to the high cost and inability to scale of the methods traditional used to fabricate them. We recently developed a method that allows to inexpensive, scalable fabrication of nanopore sensors. This project seeks develop the fluidic handling methods to allow for parallel use of multiple nanopore sensors for the sake of increased experimental redundancy and throughput, allowing researchers to accelerate the pace of work toward disruptive application of these sensors in a variety of increasingly critical markets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vincent Tabard-Cossa


Kyle Briggs


Springboard Atlantic


Physics / Astronomy


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Ottawa



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